What is Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database? Print

Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database by Enfilade Studios is the premier solution for coaching and plotting a rifle shooting team of the 21st century. Rifle Target is the complete solution to the needs of a target rifle shooting team or to an individual shooter who wants to improve their performance. Rifle Target has all the tools necessary to improve performance and efficiency out of sight. Rifle Target brings technology and power to the range.

In its simplicity it is a replacement or an addition to the venerable plot sheet. However it is also a powerful coaching tool, giving coaches and shooters feedback on a shooters' or their strengths and weaknesses instantaneously rather than speending hours examining the shooter and their plot sheets.

Rifle Target is capable of managing many, many shooters simultaneously across many shooting forms and ranges. Rifle Target comes with only the forms 2 & 7, 2 & 10, 2 & 15 and a wide range of targets from the various target shooting disciplines worldwide, it can easily be extended to support any Match Rifle Shooting, Small Bore shooting, Canadian target rifle ranges, Pistol shooting disciplines and more.

Rifle Target has the ability to work with multiple records at a time and includes advanced statistical routines to help a selector pick a team or a shooter to see their weak points.

Unfortunately (though for good reason) electronic equipment is often not permitted on the mound so Rifle Target can print your plot sheets too! But we recommend you train with Rifle Target and bypass the unneeded step of paper recording. Rifle Target is designed to function satisfactorily on low-end computers like older laptops (which may be all that is available) so you can take Rifle Target to the range with you. Rifle Target is designed to be both at the range on a laptop and on a desktop back at the club or at home.