What disciplines does Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database support? Print

You can use the Create Range Dialog to define any shooting or archery target that consists of concentric rings. Refer to the Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database help file for more information on this process.

When you download Rifle Target, a large number of targets are already available to you. This include:

  • Australian Target Rifle (metric and imperial)
  • Australian F-class (metric and imperial)
  • Australian Match Rifle
  • Bisley (UK) Target Rifle
  • Bisley (UK) F-class
  • Canadian Target Rifle (metric and imperial)
  • ICFRA Target Rifle (International Match)
  • ISSF:
    • 10m Rifle, 10m Running, 50m Running, 50m Rifle (A-50)
    • B-17
    • B-40
    • 300 Metres
    • UIT 10m
  • NRA (USA):
    • A-series (smallbore): A-7, A-17, A-21, A-23, A-25, A-26, A-27, A-32, A-33, A-36, A-51, A-52, AR-5
    • B-series (pistol): B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-8, B-11, B-16, B-19, B-33, B-35
    • MR-series (rifle): MR-1, MR-31, MR-52, MR-63
    • SR-series (rifle): SR-1, SR-3, SR-5, SR-21, SR (Military)
  • NSRA (UK):
    • Rifle: 15-100 yards
    • Decimal (Cadets): 15-25 yards
    • Air Rifle: AIR6, AIR7, AIR8, AIR11
    • Pistol: PL3, PL5, PL6, PL12, PL14, PL15
  • Palma (International Match Rifle) (1000-1200 yards)