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Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database v2.5 is a consolidation release, building upon the base of v2.0 while providing significant usabiity and speed improvements. Particular changes include: 

  • Free upgrade for existing users
  • New trial period: if you trialled Rifle Target 2.0, trial version 2.5 for another 30 days
  • Full Windows Vista Support
    • Run Rifle Target as a normal user under Windows Vista. File permissions are correctly set and auto folder redirection will not occur.
    • Uses Windows Vista visual styles
    • New, high resolution product icons
  • Vastly improved database performance
    • New in-memory database system - remove file read/write performance penalties that occurred for every record
  • Re-written target drawing module
    • No flickering on resize
    • Smooth, anti-aliased, full resolution targets
    • 'Nicer' set of shot plot colours
  • Better handling of differing scoring methodologies:
    • Supports disciplines that use half-point scoring, or any values outside of 1-10, 'V' and 'X'
    • A score can now consists of a major and minor component (each a floating point number) and a display (any character or string)
  • Improved and corrected statistical display:
    • New (correct) covering circle algorithm. Cover Circle displayed directly on the target.
    • Correct calculation of best/worst shooter/range/form (calculates mean of all records of each type). Version 2.0 merely picked the absolute best/worst
    • Statistic calculation now only uses complete records to generate statistics - prevents statistical anomalies that may appear when dealing with partially completed records.
    • Statistic generation improvement improved dramatically as a result of new database system
    • Graphical statistics: window resizable to allow better display of statistics
    • Graphical statistics: calculated on the correct range for each record (Version 2.0 normalises onto a single range, producing anomalous results)
    • Shooter plot: improved performance (in line with new database system) and correct display of the Cover Circle (in line with new covering circle algorithm)
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