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A selection of screenshots showing major features of Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database v3.0 are provided on this page. Click an image to enlarge it.

Target Plotting

The plotting target for Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting database is laid out in much a similar way as paper score sheets. Elevation and wind graphs are provided at the left and bottom of the screen and shots are recorded on the right. Information about a shot can be gathered by hovering the mouse over it.


Record Management

Records can be filtered based on Form, Range or Shooter. They can also be filtered based on "attribute". Attributes are set up in the Create Record screen. The database screen can also show statistics about the best and worst filter type for each category. Creating ranges is done with graphical previews to provide feedback. Creating records is merely a case of selecting a shooter, range and form and filling in any other details required.



Scatter Plotter

The new and improved Scatter Plotter allows you to plot an arbitrary set of records and to also perform wind analysis.


Statistical Options

Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database supports numerous statistical display options. In addition to the shooter plotter and category statistics, statistics can be graphed for each record of a Shooter, Range or Form.



A complete help system comes with Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database v3.1. Rifle Target uses a two key protection system to combat piracy. Registration is straightforward and requires no person-person interaction.

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