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Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database v3.0 is a brand new release providing substantial improved functionality, particularly for long-arm shooters. Many of these changes have been guided by the England Fullbore Rifle Team.

  • New database engine:
    • Database file stored in Application Data folder not Program Files folder
    • Improved database performance on complex searches and operations
    • Import and Export parts of your database to other computers
  • Records store better information
    • Explicitly set the date and time of a record
    • Store any number of additional attributes with records. These may be ammunition, coach, weather etc
    • Record the windage and elevation on the gun sights for each shot
  • Find more information, faster
    • You can find and filter records based on date, time of day or on any additional attributes
    • You can perform analysis, such as graphical statistics or the scatter plotter, on any group of records
  • Improved plot target
    • Rifle Target now automatically produces proper wind and elevation graphs based on the fall of shot and the windage/elevation recorded as on the gun sights
    • Shows the scale on the wind and elevation graphs
  • Re-written scatter plot tool
    • Display scatter plot of any filtered selection of records (no longer just of a given shooter)
    • Scatter plot shots from differing ranges scale correctly to give the truest comparison between records
    • Display the scatter plot plotted against any range in your Rifle Target database
    • Show the fall of shot, or show a visual representation of the Wind Bracket the likes of which you've never seen!
  • New wind analysis tool
    • Use the scatter plot tool to separate shots into Upwind and Downwind and compare side-by-side
  • Output your Rifle Target data for use in other tools
    • Output in CSV or XML format for a filtered set of records
    • Bulk output target plots for a filtered set of records


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