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Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database v3.1 is an incremental release that builds on the success of Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database v3.0 to deliver improvements and popular features as requested by our users.

  • New trial period: if you trialled a previous version of Rifle Target, you can trial version 3.1 for another 30 days
  • New and enhanced features based on user feedback
  • Target Zooming:
    • Zoom in and out of a target quickly and simply
    • Jump in zoom to the aiming mark or the bullseye
    • Set a default zoom level to use when opening the Target Screen
    • Zoom in and out on the Target Screen and on the Scatter Plotter
  • Better, more logical record management:
    • Copy/cut and paste records on the Database Screen
    • Clone whole shooters, ranges or forms (including or excluding their records) once or multiple times
    • Specify the additional attributes (tags and values) that should be applied to each record
    • New more robust export format
  • Better range information
    • Ranges are grouped by discpline
    • User created ranged can be added to a discipline
    • Whole disciplines can be enabled or disabled in a single step
    • Built-in ranges now indicate they should not be edited - clone the range then edit it
    • Ranges can now store their "rest of target" score
  • Additional features to Scatter Plotter
    • Display only the selected shot number or sequence - e.g. only Sighter A; only scored shots 1 - 3; only the 6th shot fired
  • Improved user interface experience
    • Copy/cut and paste on Database screen
    • Long operations like export and import show progress bars
    • Database Screen user interface remains responsive when calculating statistics
  • Plotting Target differentiates a scored shot converted from a sighter, not just sighters and scored shots
  • Improved user interface for marking a shot as a miss or a cross-shot
  • Target Screen can correctly display 100 minutes of elevation or greater


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